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Is There Any Privacy in the Digital Age?

See NPR article here:  http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2014/03/03/285334820/if-theres-privacy-in-the-digital-age-it-has-a-new-definition

For a Management Information Systems class that I’m participating in, we were asked to put together a 10 slide PowerPoint.  After thinking about privacy, I realize just how much I revealed in the assignment:  name, age, schools attended, past job, current job, husband and child information and more.  I guess I wouldn’t have posted it on the internet, but with a trip to Facebook, you could probably get most of that information.  Do I feel uneasy about my online exposure, a bit.  Will it change what I have posted previously/will post in the future?  I’m not sure.  Where would it go and what would happen?

A lot of people feel the same way and aren’t sure what to do either.  In the meantime, companies are gathering information on all of us.  Where we shop, what we buy there our assorted afflictions.  *Update* I just checked my email and followed a link to “resolve and issue” with an account.  My anti-virus software gave me a big warning and it turns out they were trying to get my account access.  Wow!  I’m feeling like my privacy was pretty threatened there.  The account was with an online payment manager and a few years ago I was hacked for $1000+, but managed to get it back.  The evil doers are out there.  How do we stay safe?  Is it our job to look out for ourselves, businesses job to protect the information we share with them or government’s job to regulate the safety of our information?

My feeling is that government has to get involved.  Oops!  Their employee, military and data intelligence was recently hacked.   I guess they have to do something now with regard to information privacy and hacking.  Hopefully they will find a good balance between educating the public on awareness of threats, establishing proactive protection laws and prosecuting those who violate these laws.  This is a topic that will become increasing important as awareness catches up with what is going on behind the scenes (for example – interesting things that have been collected because of the Patriot Act).  Beware.

What Your Data’s Worth – My thoughts

See NPR Article here:  http://www.npr.org/2014/03/03/285334827/what-your-datas-worth-probably-not-as-much-as-you-think

This article details the quantification of what particular pieces of knowledge about a person is worth to companies interested in marketing to you.  I think that it really is interesting how much a business would pay for what might be considered a “lead” or “tip” about someone’s needs or purchasing habits.  It really isn’t very much for most things – much less than a penny.  What it makes me wonder is how much of my information has already been collected and sold – and whether it is accurate or not.  How far would a company go to collect this information and how long will they keep it?  Is is forever embedded in a database somewhere?  Do we have any say who has our information and what they do with it?  Too late, the genie is out of the bottle.

Blixen’s own room

I am obsessed with the movie Out of Africa. I just love it, all of it.

Pied-à-terre CPH

Baroness Karen Blixen with her brother, Thomas Dinesen, in Kenya. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Karen_Blixen_and_Thomas_Dinesen_1920s.jpg Baroness Karen Blixen with her brother, Thomas Dinesen, in Kenya. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Karen_Blixen_and_Thomas_Dinesen_1920s.jpg

Karen Blixen started her writing career in earnest as a man. Not like some Orlando, who experienced an acute sex change overnight, but because she understood that in the 1930s her writing might have more weight if everyone thought she was a man. Seven Gothic Tales by Isak Dinesen was published in Denmark and Great Britain in 1934 and won her some acclaim. When she wrote Min Afrikanske Farm or Out of Africa about her 18 years in Kenya, she wrote and published as herself in 1937. And the rest is history, including film history.

In the series about women writers at the Royal Danish Library, I attended a lecture by Benedikte Rostbøll who is studying the recently opened archives of correspondence about the business of Blixen’s African farm. Blixen’s uncle, Aage Westenholz was the chairman of the board…

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Why Creating An Art Journal Is Changing My Life

I would really like to do a Life Journal and I hope to start this summer. Perhaps I should start one for my daughter (9 mos). it would be fun to start a diary for her from my interpretation of her perspective.


wpid-img_20150204_210846.jpgSo I finally started my Mixed Media Journal and it’s an Eclectic Journal of my art, doodling, and psychological whims with music lyrics and motivational quotes and all about “getting my dreams & visions” into play!  I recently started following “Before 5am” website and IG site and consistency/persistency is what I’m ready for!  Here’s to making my other half of life an “over the top” kind of life!  My blog is going to be short and sweet now that I’m starting my own kind of work day before my “paid” work day starts!  It’s about working before 5am and working after 5pm.  Some people will get it and some won’t and that’s ok, if they don’t they are not the audience in my vision.  For all the movers and shakers this is for us!  The people that hustle and are in the top 1% (Zig Ziglar)

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The Rolling Stones, Hell’s Angels and Me

When the Rolling Stones come to play your University, you go.  You just go.  It doesn’t matter how old you are and if you live on campus or not.  It doesn’t matter if you only actually attend the University online, like I did.  It is just required.  Therefore, when the Rolling Stones were to perform at the University of Montana, I went.  It was an awesome, life-altering experience.   The Rolling Stones songs open a certain channel into my soul that connects me to a universal feeling of living through the trials of life.  I lose myself in the way the songs invite you into an experience though a story or melody.  But you don’t need me to explain the Rolling Stones, they are like breathing, you just get it.

Inspired by my concert trip, and new Netflix account, I arranged for the 1970 movie “Gimme Shelter” to arrive at my home.  The movie chronicles the Stones’ 1969 tour with the inevitable conclusion of their tour at the Altamont free concert for some 300,000 guests.  With big names like Ike and Tina Turner, Jefferson Airplane and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (among others), it was designed to be the West Coast’s version of Woodstock.   However, instead of a love-fest, things took a dark turn with four people eventually ending up dead by the event’s conclusion.

The Grateful Dead, who were scheduled to play the show, removed themselves from the lineup because of the increasing violence during the show.    Originally they, along with Jefferson Airplane (who’s Jorma Kaukonen and Spenser Dryden came up with the idea for the concert), were supposed to play a free performance with the Rolling Stones in Golden Gate Park.  After several venues refused them and various problems that weren’t entirely settled until the day prior to the show, they eventually secured the Altamont Speedway for the event on Dec. 6, 1969.

I received my Netflix copy of “Gimme Shelter” and began watching it late one evening.   Fuzzy on the details of what exactly happened at Altamont, but knowing that something bad happened, I watched the movie in anticipation of the events.   The movie went along and bands played the stage at Altamont, with random fits of violent going on in the crowd.  The Stones came on stage and shortly after that things approached the boiling point.   Mick pleads with the crowd to settle down stops the music.   You can tell that he is concerned for his and everyone’s well-being.    During “Sympathy for the Devil”, a man walks across the right side of the stage and my heart stopped for a moment.   It was a strange sense of recognition like I’ve never felt before.   In an instant it hit me.  The man walking across the stage was my current next door neighbor.

I had always thought his slow, stalking gait was a product of age and hard living, but there, almost 40 years earlier was the very same walk.   Stunned, I played the section over and over.  It was the same every time.  Didn’t he say he was from California and used to ride motorcycles?   I couldn’t call that night, but the next morning I phoned and it was him on stage.   I was living next door to the Past President of the Oakland Chapter of the Hells Angels.  The same Hells Angels who had been hired to provide security for the Altamont show.   The only thing he would say about the incident was that the Hells Angels were hired to protect the Rolling Stones and that was what they did.  It sounded like a standard answer for him, as though this was a question he had answered 100 times before.  I didn’t press for more specifics.

Still stunned that my neighbor was involved in such a historic event, I struggled to conceive that the man next door made his way from Altamont and a life in the Hells Angels to the most ordinary house in rural Idaho.   However, this certain place in rural Idaho was one where rustlers and outlaws came to hide at the end of the nineteenth century. Apparently, its reputation continued and it was still a place for outlaws to come to at the end of the twentieth century.    Perhaps there are more local residents whose infamous past lives still haunt their dreams.  I just haven’t had the pleasure of being their neighbor.

Emily Hagedorn-Wegher